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W345 A pottery stool


Pottery stool with “TA 30/31 TA36.61” in black ink (the excavation number). From Amarna. This correlates in the Frankfort and Pendlebury 1933 volume p. 48) with a house in the North Suburb which had a ‘master’s bedroom’, stairs to the roof and a brick lined cellar. The painted pottery stool is listed as find no 256, along with Mycenaean pottery, a cornelian ring bezel, etc. On page 87 of the same volume gold leaf is mentioned. 

The item is in imitation of a low wooden stool with a rush top. Traces of blue paint, probably cobalt, can be seen highlighting the details. The feet are in imitation of lotus flowers. 

The item is listed in a document in the Wellcome Institute (WA/HMM/CM/Col 34) on a list of items from Amarna. 

Further Reading. 

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