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The Pyramid Age: Egypt in the Old Kingdom

Course Synopsis

The Old Kingdom (c. 2,686–2,181 BC) was one of the golden ages of Egyptian history, a period that determined the form and character of Egyptian society and art for centuries to come. From the Third Dynasty through to the Sixth Dynasty, not only were there monumental building achievements, but the artisans who worked with an array of materials and techniques created masterpieces that even today hold the observer in awe.

This period also saw the development of Egyptian literary texts from the briefest notations into autobiography and didactic literature. This course will explore the history of the Old Kingdom, from the reign of Djoser and his famed architect Imhotep, to the possible record-breaking reign of Pepi II.


    • Week 1: (Sunday 14th May or Wednesday 17th May): The Third Dynasty
    • Week 2: (Sunday 21st May or Wednesday 24th May): The Fourth Dynasty
    • Week 3: (Sunday 28th May or Wednesday 31st May): The Fifth Dynasty
    • Week 4: (Sunday 04th June or Wednesday 07th June): The Sixth Dynasty
    • Week 5: (Sunday 11th June or Wednesday 14th June): The collapse of the Old Kingdom


In order to be as accessible as possible, this 5-week course will be run twice, with sessions taking place via Zoom:

    • Sunday evenings 6–8pm (UK time) – Starting Sunday 14 May
    • Wednesday mornings 10am–noon (UK time) – Starting Wednesday 17 May


A week before the course starts you will be emailed the Zoom link, which can be used for both sessions. Therefore, participants will have the option of attending either day, or both!



This course costs £40, with fees going directly to supporting the Egypt Centre. In particular, the funds will be used to support the development of the Egypt Centre displays. Additionally, participants have the option of adding an extra donation if they wish. Donations, of course, are greatly appreciated! Once you have booked, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite.

If you haven’t received anything within 24 hours, please contact Ken at k.griffin@swansea.ac.uk

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We Need to Talk: Contemporary Conversations in Egyptology

The We Need to Talk series brings together leading specialists to discuss hot topics in Egyptological research, and in particular themes that relate directly to current global issues. The aim is to inform, educate, raise awareness, and to encourage deeper interdisciplinary engagement because – we need to talk.

As with all IntEg events, participation is free and open to the general public (via Zoom). Audience members will be invited to submit questions for discussion via social media before the event, and will also be able to ask questions to the experts during the live events.

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