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Egyptology For Kids: Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Unwrap the secrets of ancient Egypt and discover wonderful things this summer with Egyptology for Kids!

This 4 week interactive course is perfectly designed to engage young learners with the fascinating history and culture of ancient Egypt, using objects now on display at the Egypt Centre. Explore the daily lives of the ordinary people who lived along the Nile, learn about the mighty Pharaoh who ruled over them and discover the power of the many different gods that they believed in.

Suitable for ages 7-11

4.30pm – 5.30pm, every Tuesday from August 3 – 24

£20 per person for full 4 week course

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Museum Makers

Become a Museum Maker this summer holiday and be among the very first to step back inside the Egypt Centre, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities!

Explore the museum’s galleries, handle real ancient objects and discover the many different stories they can tell us. As a Museum Maker you will choose your favourite object, decide what story you want it to tell and create your own piece of artwork to share online as part of our new display.


Suitable for ages 7-11

1pm – 4pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from August 9 – 27

Limited spaces available.

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Gods, goddesses, and demons

Course Synopsis:

The ancient Egyptians are well known for their worship of hundreds of gods, goddesses, and demons over the course of 3,000 years. Some were seen as creator deities, while others could be evoked for their protection. They could be depicted as humans, animals, or a combination of both. This course will present many of the gods, goddesses, and demons of the Egyptian pantheon, including several deified officials. It will include an examination of their iconography, places of worship, and the hieroglyphs used to identify them. While many of the names will be familiar, such as Amun, Osiris, and Horus, others are more obscure, such as Apedemak, Hatmehyt, Shezmu. Throughout the course, the sessions will incorporate objects from the Egypt Centre collection, many of which are not widely known to Egyptologists.


Dr. Ken Griffin is the Collections Access Manager of the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. His association with the Egypt Centre first began in 2000 as a volunteer. Over the past two decades, he has been researching the collection, including publishing a number of the objects. Prior to his appointment as the Collections Access Manager, he was a lecturer in Egyptology at Swansea University. He has visited Egypt on over 50 occasions and participated in archaeological work at Abydos, the Valley of the Kings, the South Asasif necropolis, and Sai Island (Sudan).


In order to be as accessible as possible, this course will be run twice, with sessions taking place via Zoom:

– Sunday evenings 6–8pm (UK time) – Starting Sunday 18th July

– Wednesday mornings 10am–noon (UK time) – Starting Wednesday 21st July

A week before the course starts, you will be emailed the Zoom link, which can be used for both sessions. Therefore, participants will have the option of attending either day, or both!


This course costs £40, with fees going directly to supporting the Egypt Centre. Additionally, participants have the option of adding an extra donation if they wish. Donations, of course, are greatly appreciated! Once you have booked, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. If you haven’t received anything within 24 hours, please contact Ken at k.griffin@swansea.ac.uk

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