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A History of Egypt through the Egypt Centre’s Collection 

This 10-week course will explore the history of Egypt, focusing on the objects in the Egypt Centre collection

Course Synopsis:

With spectacular monuments such as the pyramids and sphinx, and a view of the afterlife that produced thousands of mummies, myths, and artefacts, ancient Egypt has fascinated everyone from Napoleon Bonaparte to school children around the world. Pharaonic history spanned more than 3,000 years and included famous figures such as Tutankhamun, Ramesses the Great, and Cleopatra. This course presents a brief history of ancient Egypt through the artefacts housed in the Egypt Centre collection. Each session will include a one hour overview of the period followed a one hour presentation of the objects from that era in the museum’s collection, many of which are not on public display.



Dr Ken Griffin is the Collections Access Manager of the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. His association with the Egypt Centre first began in 2000 as a volunteer. Over the past two decades, he has been researching the collection, including publishing a number of the objects. Prior to his appointment as the Collections Access Manager, he was a lecturer in Egyptology at Swansea University. He has visited Egypt on over 50 occasions and participated in archaeological work at Abydos, the Valley of the Kings, the South Asasif necropolis, and Sai Island (Sudan).



In order to be as accessible as possible, this course will be run twice, with sessions taking place via Zoom:

  • Sunday evenings 6–8pm (UK time)

– Starting Sunday September 26

  • Wednesday mornings 10am–noon (UK time)

– Starting Wednesday September 29

By purchasing a ticket for this event, you can attend either the Sunday or Wednesday session, or both, depending on your schedule. A week before the course starts, you will be emailed the Zoom link, which can be used for both sessions. Therefore, participants will have the option of attending either day, or both!


This course costs £70, with fees going directly to supporting the Egypt Centre. In particular, the funds will be used to purchase a new writing case for the House of Life gallery. Additionally, participants have the option of adding an extra donation if they wish. Donations, of course, are greatly appreciated! Once you have booked, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. If you haven’t received anything within 24 hours, please contact Ken at k.griffin@swansea.ac.uk


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Explore with Me: Textiles and ancient Egypt 

Ancient Egyptian textiles appear in museums all across the world, from mummy wrappings to diaphanous flowing white robes and even colourful early medieval garments, but how much do we really know about them?

This 10 week zoom course will allow us to look closer at the methods and practices used to create pieces like those we can see in the Egypt Centre and other museum collections.

We will experiment with the possibility of dyeing linen and explore the effectiveness of plant dyes, learn how flax was harvested, how ancient looms were set up, and even make thread without spinning.

You are welcome to take part in the experiments as we investigate together each week, or watch and discover what we learn as the results come in. We don’t promise to give you all the answers, but rather this is an invitation for you to explore and discover with us.

These sessions will be designed to be suitable for everyone no matter your level of experience with textiles or knowledge of ancient Egypt. Although the course is aimed at adults, children are welcome to attend if supervised.

Background on me (Dr. Carolyn Graves-Brown):

I have worked at the Egypt Centre since 1997 and know a lot more about ancient Egypt than I do about textiles. I am a hobbyist spinner who has dabbled in plant dyeing. As I am a vegan, I won’t be using insect dyes but those following our experiments at home are welcome to try insect dyes. Where wool is involved, I purchase supplies from sheep sanctuaries but you can purchase from elsewhere. If we have experienced textile experts joining our group, I hope to make use of their knowledge!

You will be given a list of where I purchase my supplies for the experiments, but you are welcome to use other suppliers.

Free 10 week interactive Zoom course

3–5pm every Thursday for 10 weeks

Starting Thursday September 23

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