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wendy goodridge

Wendy Goodridge is our Museum Manager of the Egypt Centre and proud to have been the first ever volunteer at the Egypt Centre in 1997.  She was employed as a Museum Assistant in 1998 and in 2003 was appointed Assistant Curator, a post she held until 2023.  


Email address: w.r.goodridge@swansea.ac.uk 

Phone: 01792 295960





Research Interests

  • Museology
  • Museum education
  • Object-centred learning
  • Museum collectors and collecting

Conferences organised


  • Has advised on education in museums. 
  • Invited to attend a workshop for a draft document re: Out of School Hours Learning to be introduced to the National Assembly for Wales in January 2002 by Education Extra.


  • 2001 Egyptian Mathematics. Egypt Centre, University Of Wales, Swansea.
  • 2001 Travelling Mathematics exhibition for schools
  • 2002 Pharaoh’s Formulae: A Fun Approach to Egyptian Mathematics, Gem News, No. 86 Summer 2002, 19 and front cover
  • 2006 Offerings from the British Museum Egypt Centre publication to accompany the British Museum loan on display in the museum.


  • Various talks and lectures have been given to local groups on Museological and Egyptological topics.
  • Invited to Showcase, a presentation of innovative Out of School Hours Projects in the Swansea area. Egypt Centre’s Out of School Hours Activities are particularly innovative.


  • City and County of Swansea on Out of School Hours Activities
  • Member of Steering committee for Children’s University Swansea, which was launched on December 6th 2005
  • Local schools participating in the Out of School Activities Saturday Egyptology Club
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Wales Swansea on Egyptian Mathematics Exhibition along with mathematics teachers of local schools
  • Department of Classics And Ancient History on development and delivery of material culture in Egyptology courses
  • Dorling Kindersley. Launch of book in 2002.
  • Taliesin. Joint project incorporating Harry Potter and Egyptian magic.
  • The British Museum. Department of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan.  Display of British Museum artefacts at the Egypt Centre. British Museum Loan.
  • Business Services. Organising representatives and fund-raising for the Nile Bike Ride Challenge October 2003.
  • Work Steps. This ensured the employment of a part-time member of staff who has learning difficulties. The post is partly funded by  Work Steps and partly by New Opportunities Funding.
  • The Barings Foundation.  Applied for and won a funding grant of £15,000 for an innovative volunteer project.
  • GEM Cymru 
  • Training of volunteers through organisation of courses arranged by outside bodies such as City and County of Swansea and CyMAL.
  • Worked with Dessin museum graphic designer for mathematics exhibition
  • Beyond the Borders, Wales leading International Storytelling Festival


Brief C.V.


Outside Interests:

  • Fundraising for children’s charities, in particular the Egypt Centre workshops for disadvantaged children living in Swansea and the Sunshine Project International home for abandoned children and babies in Luxor, Egypt. http://www.sunshine-international.co.uk/.