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The Egypt Centre’s Loan Box Service allows you to bring a museum into your classroom. In the box, you will find a collection of object based on the theme of your box and a rich set of activities and suggestions of how you can use this in your classroom. The loan box allows pupils to engage with the Egypt Centre’s collection in a way that will enrich and support their learning.


The Loan Box service enables pupils to learn about the ancient Egyptians and how we perceive them today. The Box facilitates the developments of several key skill areas as well as tying in to several areas of the National Curriculum.

Boxes cost £5 a week.

Boxes can be collected from the Egypt Centre for free or delivered to the organisation for a postage fee.

Themes we have on offer are:

Religion and Ritual,

Life in ancient Egypt,

Egypt and its Neighbours.

To book a loan box, please contact: