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Adult Work Experience at the Egypt Centre

A work placement at the Egypt Centre is designed for any adult who is interested in a career in the heritage industry, or is looking to gain practical customer and public facing skills. There are also opportunities for trainee teachers seeking some teaching experience or experience working with children. All placements here experience the practical day to day running of a museum.

Most placements become a “Gallery Assistant” and work front of house at the Museum.  Gallery Assistants supervise the Museum’s two galleries and are trained to interact and talk to visitors about our collection and ancient Egypt. All placements are expected to learn some of our activities to deliver to the public and will receive training to do so. You will learn some practical preventative conservation and when there are school parties, you will assist and support the volunteers and staff in their roles.

If you are here for over a month, you may also be assessed to lead educational activities to school parties as well. You will also be expected, for some of your placement, to learn how to open and close the museum and set up the galleries ready for visitors each day. andrew_and_tim_demonstrating at awards

Trainee teachers need to commit to an equivalent of 60 hours before they are allowed to teach (this is the time it will take to train you!), however there are opportunities to lead museum educational activities, develop and implement your own education activities and learn how to deliver practical key skills within the national Welsh curriculum while you are with us.

When can I do my placement, and how long are they?

Placements run all year round and can last anywhere from 1 week to a year. The minimum commitment to be accepted on our work placement scheme is an equivalent of 5 full working days.

Most placements run during the week Tuesday – Saturday 9.30am – 4pm. All work placements are accepted on the understanding that you can complete the full week, including the Saturday. You can split your placement up as well – for example do 1 day a week over a year, as long as you commit to some Saturdays!  If you want to split your time up, you will need to contact the Museum Volunteer Manager to discuss your individual requirements. For working week placements, just put your required dates on your application form.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. All adult work placements need to have 2 satisfactory references and a fully enhanced DBS check. This is because we work extensively with vulnerable groups. You are unable to start your work placement until we have received all of these, so if you are applying, please make sure you leave enough time for all this to process. A DBS can take up to a month! 

We specialise in working with people of differing abilities, so if you have any specific questions or concerns, please talk to Syd Howells the Volunteer Manager.

How do I take part?

Complete the application form and send to the Museum Volunteer Manager. You will also need to apply for a DBS check, guidance is given when you apply. The Museum Volunteer Manager will process your references, and your application form, and contact you to confirm your placement when these are received.

If you would like to receive more information on volunteering at the Museum, please contact:

Syd Howells
Museum Volunteer Manager
The Egypt Centre
Swansea University
Tel: 01792 606065
email l.s.j.howells@swansea.ac.uk