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The Friends of the Egypt Centre support the Egypt Centre and organise an exciting programme of ten monthly lectures per year (September to June). These events run separately to the Egypt Centre’s other online events such as Fundraising Lectures and Five Week Courses, but are arranged to cater for all levels of understanding. You can choose to be a member of the Friends for an annual fee, or pay £3 per lecture (booking via Eventbrite).

Due to Covid-19 lectures will take place through the medium of Zoom until further notice.

Upcoming Lecture

Seeing Double: Wooden Ka Statues

Sam Powell

Wooden statues depicting the deceased appear in burial assemblages from the Old Kingdom onwards. They are often referred to as ‘ka statues’ and seem to have been included in burials as a resting place for the ka, an element of the individual often described as a person’s ‘double’ or ‘life force’.

The exact significance of the ka remains a matter of controversy, chiefly for lack of an Egyptian definition. This talk will provide an overview of these statues and their possible function, drawing on examples found in the Egypt Centre collection amongst others.

Wednesday 15 June


£3 for non members

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Annual Programme

Friends Programme 2021-2022

Sessions open at 6.30pm with lectures starting at 7pm. 

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Membership includes free entry into all Friends lectures and other offers given by the Egypt Centre. For further information, or to join please fill and and return an application form.


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Full Membership £16.50 per year
Full family membership (2 adults and 2 children) £26  per year
Concessionary individual £10 per year
Concessionary family £16 per year


Non members are also welcome, and can pay £3 per lecture.


The Friends produce a newsletter called Inscriptions. We welcome contributions, whether interesting  chatty snippets, or scholarly! If you would like to write an article or have any news or information you want to contribute please contact the Editor Mike MacDonagh.


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Friends Committee Members 


Overseer shabti of Ptahhotep

Chair: Ken Griffin / Sam Powell

Vice Chair: Gareth Lucas

Treasurer: Wendy Goodridge

Secretary: Krys Williams

Membership SecretaryWendy Goodridge – w.r.goodridge@swansea.ac.uk

Marketing: Post vacant

Events Officer: Sam Powell



Other committee members:

Mollie Beck, Meg Gundlach, John Rogers

The committee is made up  of  local people with an interest in ancient Egypt and museums.  If you are interested in joining the committee please speak to any committee member.