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Children at the Egypt Centre

Celebrate your birthday at the Egypt Centre, the only museum of ancient Egyptian antiquities in Wales!

The Egypt Centre offers a range of Birthday Party packages, perfect for those who want to add some magic to their special day. These are available on Saturday afternoons only. Suitable for ages 6-12.


We can host up to 10 children at £10 per head. Which will give a total of 2 hours at the museum. 90 minutes of staff led activities & 30 minutes in the Party Area.

Party Packages:

Story Time — Hear two exciting tales from ancient Egypt. The Jumping Prince and The Shipwrecked Sailor.


Craft a Pyramid — Colour and build your very own pyramid to take home.


Treasure Hunt — Kids will explore the museum looking for ancient artefacts


Mummification — Take part in a full mummification ceremony using our life sized dummy. You will remove organs, wrap bandages and perform a sacred ceremony.


Pyramids — Hear a brief history of pyramids and then you will be put into teams. Each team will be given plastic straws and compete to build the biggest structure.


Animals – Learn the connection between gods and animals. Play animal in the bag guessing game. Hold a replica mummified Cat named Alex and learn why they would mummify animals.


The Home — Learn about ancient Egyptian home life, then build and colour a house to take home with you.


Costume — Dress up as an ancient Egyptian and learn about the different jobs and roles from that time. Maybe become a royal queen or a soldier in the Egyptian army.


Gods & Goddesses — Tremble in fear at the wicked deeds of Seth, marvel at the glory of Horus in this fantastic tale of magic and betrayal. Dress up and take a role in this ancient tale of the gods.


Senet — Play the exciting board game of the ancient Egyptian People.


Materials — Handle real ancient Egyptian artefacts from over 2000 years ago.


Cobra Crown — Decorate your own paper crown to take home with you.


Choose from any of the activities listed above to fill 90 minutes.


Each activity listed takes 30 minutes except ‘The Home’, ’Costume’ & ‘Pyramids’ which take 1 hour each.



Once you have selected your preferred package from the menu above, simply download the booking form and email to egyptcentre@swansea.ac.uk 

Alternatively, you can pop in to the museum to pick up a booking form or call us on 01792 295960.

Booking Form: Egypt Centre – Party Booking Form

Birthday Party Leaflet (with further information): PARTY PAMPHLET – ENG