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W946 Commodus stela


Sacred cow stela in memory of the mother of the Buchis Bull, which died in AD 190, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Commodus. It was found at the Baqaria in front of tomb 27, at Armant, a town which lies south of Luxor. The Baqaria was the burial place for mothers of the Buchis bull.

It shows the mummified crowned body of the cow lying on a pedestal. The goddess Isis stands between it and the Commodus who is offering incense and water as a libation gift. There are five horizontal lines of inscription. The date of the death of the bull is recorded as AD 190.

Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society.


The Buchis bull was considered to be a representation of Re or Osiris on earth, but was also linked to the war-god Montu.  

The Egypt Centre also has several coffin clamps which come from tomb 13 at the Baqaria at Armant. 


W605 is the glass eye from the mummy of a Buchis or Apis bull 


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