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ab15Orange and blue glass head pendant. 19mm high. A very similar head was part of the Hilton Price collection and was found at Amarna (Hilton-Price 1908, 62, number 4547). An almost identical head was found in the Fayum and is now in the National Museum of Ireland (30/002/1965). The latter is dated to the Ptolemaic Period.  

Such head pendants were made in the Levant and distributed by the Phoenicians. They are core formed. Most head pendants are bearded, but a few such as ours are not. Unbearded examples were perhaps made especially for the Egyptian market or may represent women. They possibly date as early as the 15th century BC but most are Late Dynastic or Graeco-Roman in date (747 BC–AD 30). 

Our piece is a gift from University of Wales Aberystwyth. 


Hilton-Price, F.G. 1908. A Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Collection of F. G. Hilton Price. Vol. II. London.


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