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HEAR Awards

We hope that you will get a lot of valuable and fun experience in volunteering with us. If you wish us to supply a reference for you, we are happy to do so, but please could you check with the Museum Volunteer Manager before you leave to make sure that your records are up to date (so we don’t miss anything important about you!).

You might also know that if you are a Swansea University Student you can be registered with the Swansea University HEAR awards to recognise your volunteering with us.

All the awards relate to Egypt Centre volunteer roles. For a bronze award the volunteer must complete criteria for one role, for a silver award the volunteer needs to complete criteria for 2 roles and for gold they need to complete criteria for 3 roles.


Volunteer roles are listed on this page. The list starts with ‘Front of House Assistant’.


Volunteers can fulfil more than one role. They can be both a Gallery Assistant and an Educational Assistant and Educational Leader, for example. However, some roles are progressive, so, for example, you cannot be an Educational Leader until you have been an Educational Assistant.


All volunteer roles must actively support the museum’s mission in the interpretation and care of Egyptian Archaeological material and related documentation for the education and entertainment of the public. They will do this by actively practicing the three core roles of the museum in any role they undertake: Preservation of the collection; Education and Widening participation.