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W1159This stone snake head was found at Amarna and was donated to us by the British Museum in 1978.

 It is of red coloured stone painted blue and was possibly set into an architectural frieze of contrasting stone, wood or mudbrick (see Aldred 1973, no. 155; Freed et al. 1999, 226).

 The base of the object reads: TA. 31.32. Temple Pylon 1 North 452’. In Pendlebury (1951, 98) a uraeus is listed as coming from Pylon 1 of the North Gate of the Small Aten Temple (called in Pendelbury 1951 Hat Aten, i.e. Hwt Aten or Mansion of the Aten) though this is numbered ‘453’. The uraeus in the publication is the same size as ours and went to Wellcome. It is assumed therefore, that this is the same item as W1159. The Small Aten Temple is situated close to the King’s House and Royal Palace and contains one of the earliest structures erected at Amarna, a massive mudbrick altar.

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