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Publications of Egypt Centre material

This section deals with information on the Centre or its collections which are available as printed published material.  We also produce a number of articles and booklets available as photocopies.

The following are publications dealing with The Egypt Centre collection:

Bosse-Griffiths, K.,1961. ‘Finds from the Tomb of Queen Tiye on loan from the Swansea Museum’, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 47 (1961) 66-70, pl. vii.

Bosse-Griffiths, K., 1968. ‘Gold-leaf from the shrine of Queen Tiye’,  Discussions in Egyptology 6 7-10.

Bosse-Griffiths, K., ‘Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figures’, SAK Beihefte Bd 5. [W2001, W2051, W2060]

Bosse-Griffiths, K., 1972. ‘A Prehistoric stone figure from Egypt’, Valcamonica Symposium 72  313-16, fig. 144. [W152]

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Bosse-Griffiths, K 1977. ‘A Beset amulet from the Amarna period’, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 63  98-106, pls. xv-xvi. [W11]

Bosse-Griffiths, K, 1978. ‘Some Egyptian bead-work faces in the Wellcome Collection at University College, Swansea’, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 64, 99-106, pls. xv-xvi. [W974, W980, W982]

Bosse-Griffiths, K, 1980. ‘Two lute players of the Amarna era’, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 66  70-82, pls. x-xi. [W1150]

Bosse-Griffiths, K ‘The fruit of the mandrake’, Fontes atque Pontes Bd 5 [Fs. Hellmut Brunner] (1983) 62-74, fig. 1.

Bosse-Griffiths, K, 1984. ‘Baboon and maid’, Studien zur Sprache und Religion Aegyptens [Fs. Westendorff]  743-48, pls. 1-3. [W11, W1326]

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Cotelle-Michel, L. 2004. ‘Les Sarcophagus En Terre Cuite en Egypte et en Nubie de l’epoque predynastique a l’epoque romaine’, Dijon: Louis Faton.

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Goodridge, W.R. and Williams, S.J. 2006. Offerings from The British Museum. Egypt Centre Publication.

Graves-Brown, C.A. 2014. ‘A Gazelle, A Lute and Bes: three ring bezels from Amarna’. In Dodson, A., Johnston, J.J. and Monkhouse, W. (eds.), A Good Scribe and an Exceedingly Wise Man: studies in honour of W.J. Tait, Golden House: London, 113-126.

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Watkinson, D. and Brown, J. 1995. The Conservation of the Polychrome Wooden Sarcophagus of Praise Mut. In Brown, C.E., Macalister, F. and Wright, M.M. Conservation in Ancient Egyptian Collections. Papers given at the conference organised by the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation, Archaeology Section, and International Academic projects, held at London, 20-21 July 1995. Archetype Publications, 37-46.

We also sell:

  • work packs for schools
  • information sheets on Egyptian Writing, The Senet Game, Egyptian Gods, etc.
  • postcards
  • a variety of copies of Egyptian artefacts

The following booklets have appeared in the series ‘Pictures from the Wellcome Collection’:

1. Beadwork (1978), by K. Bosse-Griffiths •2. A Musician Meets Her Gods (1984), by K. Bosse-Griffiths •3. Five Ways of Writing Between 2000 BC and AD 200 (1994), by K. Bosse-Griffiths








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