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Social Story

The Egypt Centre is a museum in Swansea with lots of objects from ancient Egypt

Entrance to Egypt Centre for Social Story

The people who work in the museum are called volunteers. They will show us around the museum, and teach us all about ancient Egypt.

Egypt Centre volunteer for Social Story

We will leave our bags and coats in the Shared Area on the rack

School bag rack for Social Story

In the Museum are two rooms called galleries. One is called the House of Life, and one is called the House of Death.

HoL and HoD signs for social story



Torch for social storyThese rooms are very dark to keep the objects safe. There might also be a humming noise from the air conditioner which keeps the objects at just the right temperature. I can use a torch to look more closely at the objects.







The volunteers will help us do lots of activities.

Egyptian boardgame for social storyThey might show us how to play an ancient Egyptian board game








Maths Writing for social storyThey might teach us some maths and writing in Egyptian









Dress up for Social StoryWe might get to dress up in ancient Egyptian clothes








And we might get to do a pretend mummification.

Egypt Centre Mummification for Social Story


At lunchtime there is a quiet area we can go and sit to eat our packed lunches. I can also go here if it gets too noisy or busy in the museum.

Quiet school lunch area for social story



There is also a toy pyramid I can play with if I need some quiet time.

Toy Pyramid for social story





Shop Lauren for Social Story

When we have finished learning about ancient Egypt we will collect our bags and can have a look at the gift shop.








Shop Pete for Social Story

If I need some help during my visit, or need to know where the bathroom is, I can ask in the shop.








When I get back to school I might help write a nice letter thanking the volunteers for teaching me so much about Egypt!

If I, or my teacher, needs more information about the Egypt Centre we can look at this Link.