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Egypt Centre Publications.

The Egypt Centre has several interesting and informative publications written or edited by present and former staff of the Egypt Centre.

Children’s BooksBooks

  • Ancient Egypt Jigsaw book 
  • A Hero’s History of Ancient Egypt 
  • DK: Ancient Egypt Sticker Book 
  • DK Eyewitness: Pyramids 
  • Dotto and the Pharaoh’s Mask (Story book and Dot to Dot book) 
  • Discovering Ancient Egypt ( Magic Skeleton Book) 
  • The Explorer’s Guides: Egyptian Mummy ( Book & Model Kit) 
  • Diary of an Ancient Egyptian Quest 



Egypt Centre Activity Books

  • Project Book: Death and the Afterlife
  • Project Book: Mummification
  • Egyptian Maths Activity Book
  • Maths Exhibition: The Pharaoh’s Formula


General Egyptological Books

  • ‘Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt’ by Lorna Oakes
  • Ancient Egypt







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Shire Egyptology Books

  • ‘Egyptian Boats and Ships’ by Steve Vinson 
  • ‘Egyptian Food and Drink’ by Hilary Wilson 
  • ‘Egyptian Models and Scenes’ by Angela M.J.Tooley 
  • ‘Egyptian Mummies’ by Barbara Adams 
  • ‘Egyptian Painting and Relief’ by Gay Robins 
  • ‘Egyptian Pottery’ by Colin A Hope 
  • ‘Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs,’ Philip Watson 
  • ‘Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs,’ Aidan Dodson 
  • ‘Egyptian Statues’ by Gay Robins 
  • ‘Egyptian Textiles’ by Rosalind Hall 
  • ‘Egyptian Towns and Cities’ by Eric P. Uphill 
  • ‘Egyptian Woodworking and Furniture’ by Geoffrey Killen 
  • ‘Graeco-Roman Egypt’ by Simon P.Ellis 
  • ‘Protodynastic Egypt’ by Babarar Adams and Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz 
  • ‘The Art of Death in Graeco-Roman Egypt’ by Judith A Corbelli 
  • ‘Tutankhamun’s Egypt’ by Frances Welsh