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British Museum Loan

bm loan launchOn May 4th 2005 Vivian Davies, Keeper of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan at The British Museum, officially opened The Egypt Centre’s  British Museum loan of 42 wonderful ancient Egyptian objects.



The VC Richard Davies, Wendy Goodridge and Vivian Davies



The loan was through the British Museum Partnership programme which loans objects to regional museums. Frances Carey, who co-ordinates the programme said ‘The aim of Partnership UK, the largest of any partnership scheme run by a national museum, is to utilise the British Museum’s collections as a shared resource, promoting access and engagement with all aspects of cultural heritage across the whole of the United Kingdom.’

The Egypt Centre’s curators, Wendy Goodridge and Carolyn Graves-Brown, travelled to London to meet John Taylor, Assistant Keeper of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan at the British Museum.  John took them around the store rooms packed full of wonderful objects.  They had the difficult task of choosing from the incredible assortment of antiquities. With his expert advice they chose 42 pieces that aimed to fill in gaps and enhance the present collection at The Egypt Centre.  They included a magical ivory wand, a pair of woven papyrus sandals and an intricately made basket as well as an exciting array of amulets including a gold vulture, a beautifully sculpted headrest and a lapis lazuli goddess.

The objects can be seen in various locations around the museum’s two galleries; the House of Life and the House of Death and can be easily identified by their pale green labels.  A booklet, Offerings from the British Museum,  has been produced, written by Wendy Goodridge and Stuart Williams, to accompany the display of objects.