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W2054b Bovine bed legs

w2054bBulls’ leg from a stool. As bulls’ leg stools were used for a long period of Egyptian history these are difficult to date. 

Bovine furniture legs are often found in Early Dynastic royal graves. It has been suggested that this is because of the association of the king with the bull (for example the king is depicted as a bull on the Narmer Palette). They were later copied by the nobility.  

It is believed that these are stool rather than bed legs as they appear too high to be from a bed. Stools are perhaps the most common type of ancient Egyptian furniture being easily portable and not requiring a great deal of wood. 

We do not know what type of wood these items were made from though acacia seems to have been the most widely used of native Egyptian trees. 

These items were purchase by Sir Henry Wellcome from the Rustafjaell collection in 1906.