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Swansea University Object Lifecycle Project

As part of their degrees, Swansea University 2nd year students take a module called ‘Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Archaeology’. They are required to study an object in the Egypt Centre and write a 3000-4000 word essay outlining the lifecycle of an object from its production to current display. Here are some previous essays as submitted (please note they have not been edited).



EC146 A canopic jar lid in the shape of Hapi. By Victoria Greenwood

W553 Sistrum. By Greg Saunders

W553 Sistrum. By Olivia Kinsman

W868 a fragment of a Book of the Dead. By Tracy Tunmore


W96 Bronze Ibis. By Kristian Lunden

W534 Bird Coffin. By Amber Furmage

W534 Bird Coffin. By Laura Wiseman


W1278 Baboon Jar. By Olivia Davies.

AB110 Horus Stela. By Amber Bhatty