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W702a a tipcat?

W702aPear shaped wooden object. A number of these were found at the settlement site of Lahun and Petrie, the excavator, interpreted them as ‘tip-cats’. Tip-cats are roughly shaped pieces of wood, like this, used in Britain and elsewhere as children’s toys. They were used from at least the 16th century until the early 20th century. The cat (wooden object like this example) would be hit hard with a stick on one of the pointed ends so that it flew up into the air. While it was in the air it would then be hit again with the stick. Whichever ‘cat’ travelled the furthest won. Because Petrie was familiar with such items in Britain he believed that those found at Lahun were also ‘tip-cats’. Tip-cat games were played in Britain by both adults and children, sometimes for money.