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A Third Intermediate Period coffin from Thebes donated by the Royal Exeter Memorial Museum.

The coffin in the collection is an inner coffin. At this time each mummy had two coffins, one outer and one inner in the same style. The mummy also had a cover shaped and decorated like the coffin lids, this is called a ‘mummy board’. Such coffins also have a thick layer of resin based lacquer applied to the exterior. It is thought that this lacquer (which is also apparent on some wooden shabtis) made the coffin appear shining and thus god-like. 

The style of the coffin is a typical 21st Dynasty type being yellow with crowded scenes. At this date tomb building had almost ceased at Thebes and so instead of placing depictions of the afterlife on tomb walls, depictions were put on coffins. Such scenes display both solar and Osirian beliefs surrounding the afterlife and include a number of motifs not hitherto seen. 

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