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EC58EC58 looped fabric

We do not know what this linen was used for. A similar piece is described on the Petrie Museum website as probably a piece of looped bed linen which would have acted as a mattress: http://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/textil/other.html

The loops would keep the occupant of the bed warm as well as providing padding and they may be a vegetable copy of the furs used in earlier times. A similar piece of looped fabric was also found in the 18th Dynasty tomb of Kha and Merit (TT8) with the loops facing down (Schiaparelli 1927, II, fig 105; Vogelsang-Eastwood 2000, 276, 291, fig. 11.20). Cloth with long loops was also used for matting and a piece was found on the chariot of Tutankhamun (Vogelsang-Eastwood, 276).  

Looped cloth, with slightly shorter loops, may have been used as towelling, to dry a person or an object (Vogelsang-Eastwood 2000, 276, 291).  

Further Reading 

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