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Cartonnage. This is part of the foot covering. The whole of the body would originally have been covered. The inscription tells us that the owner was Shebenwepet, a priestess of Horus the Child.

The top scene on the right shows Horus in falcon form. Below this is shown the revival of Shebenwepet on the left and Horus on the right. Both are in mummy form and are attended by Anubis and a priest. The next scene shows Shebenwepet worshipping the cow goddess Hathor on the left and Ptah the creator god on the right. The bottom section shows the falcon spirits with Anubis on the left and Horus on the right.

Horus the Child (sometimes known as Harpocrates) can be seen sitting on his mother Isis’ lap in the Gods case. He is also depicted on the cippus on the Religion in the Home case. Mythologically Horus the child was the son of Isis and Osiris. His mother hid him in the marshes from his uncle Seth. From the Late Dynastic Period he is often depicted defeating snakes and scorpions.

This dates to the Third Intermediate Period, 22nd Dynasty (945-715 BC). During the Third Intermediate Period the innermost coffins of elite burials was replaced by cartonnage.

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