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Rev. William Frankland Hood


The Egypt Centre has several items collected by William Frankland Hood. These include:

W648 a Third Intermediate Period Coffin fragment

According to an article by Mary Crowfoot, which is available on the web, the Rev William Frankland Hood first went to Egypt in 1851 because of poor health. The preface to the sale of his items state that when not on his own dahabiyeh he resided with Mustapha Aga at Qurneh (Mustapha and his house are described in Hopley 1869, Ch 8). Hood collected most of his items from the Theban area. He eventually died of tb in 1863. In his memory, his father added a museum to house his collection.

His artefacts were sold at Sotheby’s by the family in November 1924.

Hopely, Howard, 1869. Under Egyptian Palms. Or three bachelor’s journey’s on the Nile. Library of Alexandria.

Other collectors of items now held by the Egypt Centre