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Randolph Humphery Berens, née McLaughlin (1844-1922), was a vicar of Sidcup Place. He took the name Berens on his marriage in 1877 with Eleanor Frances Berens. Her wealth enabled him to travel and collect antiquities. She also collected. His collection was sold in Sotheby’s on 18th June 1923. His wife’s collection was sold on 29th July 1923 and 31st July 1923 (Bierbrier 1995, 42-43).

A selection of items collected by Mrs Berens:

Beaded collars from Amarna

W216 a scribal palette from Zagazig

W310 an Early Dynastic to Old Kingdom bowl from Coptos

W341 a breccia bowl of Dynasty 1-4.

W500, daisy inlays.

W736 Black-topped redware

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