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The ancient Egyptians are often associated with death, not because they were particularly morbid, but because many of the objects on display in museums come from tombs. This volume uses artefacts from Swansea’s Egypt Centre to explain ancient Egyptian beliefs about daemons and spirits of the dead.

As one might guess, daemons in ancient Egypt came in all shapes and sizes; from a being part crocodile, part lion and part hippo who might eat the heart of the unjustified dead, to a dwarf leonine character who helped protect young children.

The dead themselves could communicate with the living, but could they actually come back from the other world and into the land of the living? Some objects from the Centre suggest that the Egyptians believed that could be possible.

The book is on general sale for £37.99, at the Egypt Centre it is sold at a reduced price of £35. However on 31st October (Halloween) you can get it for only £30.

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