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Swansea University Object Lifecycle Project

As part of their degrees, Swansea University 2nd year students take a module called ‘Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Archaeology’. They are required to study an object in the Egypt Centre and write a 3000-4000 word essay outlining the lifecycle of an object from its production to current display. Here are some previous essays as submitted (please note they have not been edited).



EC146 A canopic jar lid in the shape of Hapi. By Victoria Greenwood

W553 Sistrum. By Greg Saunders

W553 Sistrum. By Olivia Kinsman

W868 a fragment of a Book of the Dead. By Tracy Tunmore


W96 Bronze Ibis. By Kristian Lunden

W534 Bird Coffin. By Amber Furmage

W534 Bird Coffin. By Laura Wiseman