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Faience amulet in the shape of the god Nefertum. The hair is glazed black and the the bottom of the legs/feet are missing.  

In the Pyramid Texts, Nefertum is the god of the lotus called The Lotus Blossom which is at the nose of Re. He is also called Lord of perfumes. From the New Kingdom he was worshipped at Memphis as son of Ptah and Sekhmet. In votive statues he is usually shown in human form wearing the lotus flower as a crown. You can see more Nefertum associated objects in the God’s Case in the Egypt Centre. 

Amulets of Nefertum first occur from the Third Intermediate Period (Lacovara, P., Teasley-Trope, B. D’Auria, S.. 2001, ‘The Collector’s Eye. Egyptian Art in the Thalassic Gallery. Washington: University of Washingtom Press. p146).


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