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Wonderful Things 2020: The Material Culture of the Egypt Centre


With almost 6,000 objects, the Egypt Centre contains the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Wales, most of which are currently understudied and unpublished. The second annual Wonderful Things conference brings together seventeen scholars to present on both Egyptian and non-Egyptian material. Some of the objects discussed will also be available for handling during this event.


Cost:              £40

£30 reduced rate for students and EC volunteers

(lunch included for all)

Venue:           Taliesin Create, Singleton Campus,

Swansea University

Time:             Saturday 23 May 09:45–16:00

                       Sunday 24 May 10:00–16:30



To book a place, please complete the online booking form and return it by e-mail to k.griffin@swansea.ac.uk, or hand in at the Egypt Centre.


Payment must be made prior to the conference in order the secure your place, which can be made in the following ways:

–  Cash at the Egypt Centre.

–  A cheque payable to The Egypt Centre.

–  Debit or credit card by calling our Gift Shop on 01792 602660 between 10am-3.45pm Tuesday-Saturday.


For more details, please contact Ken Griffin at k.griffin@swansea.ac.uk, call 01792 295960, or speak to a member of staff at the Egypt Centre.

Note that this event is limited to a maximum of 60 people. Advanced booking is essential.


Saturday 23 May

09:45–10:00    Welcome address       

10:00–10:30    Aidan Dodson (University of Bristol)

The posthumous destiny of Amenhotep-son-of-Hapu

10:30–11:00    Ken Griffin (The Egypt Centre, Swansea University)

Reuniting fragments of a household stela from Amarna

11:00–11:30    Coffee & Handling 1 

11:30–12:00    Meg Gundlach (Independent Researcher)

“Here I am, you shall say”: An overview of the shabti collection in the Egypt Centre

12:00–12:30    John Rogers (Swansea University)

Two Late Period granite statues in the Egypt Centre

12:30–13:30    Lunch 

13:30–14:00    Dulcie Engel (The Egypt Centre, Swansea University)

The Woking loan: A collection within a collection at the Egypt Centre

14:00–14:30    Ersin Hussein (Swansea University)

Cyprus in Swansea: Cypriot objects in the Egypt Centre collection

14:30–15:00    Coffee & Handling 2 

15:00–15:30    Sam Powell (Swansea University)

A call to arms: Discovering the secrets of the Egypt Centre’s figures from funerary models

15:30–16:00    Phil Parkes & Ashley Lingle-Meeklah (Cardiff University)

Provisions for the afterlife in ancient Egypt: An AIM and Pilgrim Trust conservation project



Sunday 24 May

10:00–10:30    Richard Johnston (Swansea University)

Evidence of diet, deification, and death within ancient Egyptian mummified animals

10:30–11:00    Dorotea Wollnerová (Charles University, Prague)

“Take for you this your shining cloth”: Offering of linen in Ptolemaic temples

11:00–11:30    Coffee & Handling 3 

11:30–12:00    Manon Schutz (University of Oxford)

A good night’s sleep. Beds, rebirth, and regeneration

12:00–12:30    Stephanie Martinak (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)

Anubis at the bier: On tombs, coffins and five objects from the Egypt Centre collection

12:30–13:30    Lunch 

13:30–14:00    Nigel Pollard (Swansea University)

Roman legions in the Egypt Centre

14:00–14:30    Mark Humphries (Swansea University)

(Un)Happy families: Image and ideology on late Roman coins in the Egypt Centre

14:30–15:00    Coffee & Handling 4 

15:00–15:30    Megan Clark (University of Liverpool)

Paddle dolls in ancient Egypt: Gaudy or godly?

15:30–16:00    Carolyn Graves-Brown (The Egypt Centre, Swansea University)

Ancient Egypt and Swansea Royal Institution: A tale of a riot; smuggling and Egyptology

16:00–16:30    Summing up