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This wooden stela measures 38.4 x 26.3 x 3.4cm. Henry Wellcome bought it at auction on 27.7.1931. The upper register shows the winged sun-disk, here shown as Horus of Edfu. Below that is the sign for the sky and then, in the central register, the deceased is represented in the costume of a priest, his arms upraised in adoration before Osiris and Re. Re is shown with the falcon head. There are no images on the reverse.[i]






The 4 lines of text read:

Line 1:

Htp-di-nsw n Hr Axty nTr aA nb pt sAb Swt pr(w) m Axt
An offering which the king gives to Harakhty , the great god, lord of the sky, variegated of plumage, who comes forth from the horizon

Line 2:

di.f prt-xrw t Hnqt kAw Apdw irp irTt snTr
that he should give a voice offering of bread, beef, fowl, wine, milk, incense

Line 3:

mrHt mnxt Htpw DfAw n kAw Wsir PA-men-s mAa-xrw
ointment, clothes and provision offerings to the kas of Osiris

Pa-menes, true of voice

Line 4:

sA (Hr.f-tm?) mAa-xrw ms (w) nbt-pr st-wrt, mAa(t)-xrw
son of (Herefernit?) born of the mistress of the house, Sat-weret, true of voice


[i]See: Effland, ‘Materialien zur Archäologie und Geschichte des Raumes von Edfu’, p. 231.

Andreas Effland, ‘Materialien zur Archäologie und Geschichte des Raumes von Edfu’ (Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, 2004).



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