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Key Stage 2



Key Stage 2 – (£2 a head)

We offer either a full day (3 activities in each gallery) or half day of activities (2 activities in each gallery)

Activites on offer include: (see Teacher Packs listed below for detailed information on each activity) 

  • House of Life – Costume, Music, Hieroglyphic writing, Mathematics, Measuring, Senet, Exploring, Object handling, the Home.
  • House of Death – Mummification, Weighing of the Heart, Servants, Survival in the Afterlife, Food and Drink Offerings, Gods of Egypt, Animals of Egypt, In Search of Gods. 

We can also cater for individual school needs so please contact us if you would like us to cover another ancient Egyptian topic.

Key Stage 2 Teachers Pack



We also offer joint KS2 sessions with Swansea Museum – Joint session with Swansea Museum (723 KB) as well as activities solely focused on Mathematics – Teachers Pack Mathematics KS2 (881 KB)


We offer a Gift Shop Goody Bag facility

For more information about educational visits please contact:

Education Officer Hannah Sweetapple h.e.sweetapple@swansea.ac.uk

Assistant Curator Wendy Goodridge:  w.r.goodridge@swansea.ac.uk 

or ring the main office (01792) 295960.